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Hello Master Shavers!


Blade Biter

No question is a stupid question. As long as it goes towards getting hairs off your face!

And please, no master shavers around here! This isn't the Olympics. If someone says their shaving technique is better than mine, I'll shave them with a rusty razor.

But if you want to feel my face, go right ahead. No innuendos, promise.


Head Cheese Head Chef
Welcome to B&B! Whilst a chosen few do possess knowledge that is helpful and can be passed on, few if any of us are "master shavers". On the other hand many of us are braggarts and master pontificators. I look forward to hearing your questions and observations whilst interjecting my own banal opinions and advice.


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
The picture you're using for your avatar...that can't possibly be real...?

Welcome to the forums.
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