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Hello, I'm new here...

I used my King of Shaves Pre-Shave Oil, a hot towel, and then I lathered up with my appalling WS brush (it really does take off as much lather as it puts on!)

A couple of things might be worth mentioning here.

The shave oil you're using, is it one of these?

Shave Oils - https://kingofshaves.com/collections/shaving-oils

If so then it is a shave oil not a pre shave oil - there is a difference, as I quickly discovered when I first started. A shave oil is used on it's own without lather and, to be honest, may be why you're struggling to get good lather from your other products and to keep it on your face.

Secondly is the brush. I'm presuming this one:

Vintage Brush | Order Online | Free Delivery UK - https://www.wilkinsonsword.com/en-gb/product/vintage-brush/

If so then it's a boar brush and will require a break in period, during which it will most likely be a bit of a lather killer - as you've discovered.

Try the following:
1. Use either shave oil or shave stick, not both, and see if it improves things
2. Leave the brush in a glass of water in the fridge overnight - some people swear by this as an expedient way of speeding up the break in process and it has certainly worked for me.

Keep at it and best wishes!
Hi all,

Thanks for letting me join this forum, I've done a bit of lurking and hopefully you chaps can point me in the right direction!

I'm new to DE shaving in as much as I have a Wilkinson Sword Classic (in plastic!) that I've tried a few times, it's sort of OK but not great. I have quite a wiry beard and I suffer with psoriasis so my skin can be a bit temperamental at the best of times. I'm trying to find the best thing to move on to but I'm bewildered by the choice and scope of products available.

I shave infrequently due to my skin (and wiry hair) so I may only shave once a week, maybe twice at most, so I often have a fair bit to clear. I've got a family to keep so I'm fairly tight on budget as well.

Any helpful suggestions greatly appreciated!

I'm new here too but looking forward to sharing and learning.
Hi All!
I really am beginning to think that shaving is my nemesis. Fifth shave with the SLOC today and if anything I'm getting worse. I'm just so frustrated with the way my beard grows I cannot get it comfortably smooth.

I'm sat here with a burning face with annoying bristle after 5 passes plus tidy up and I just cannot fathom the best way to shave, I'm convinced each hair goes in a different direction to the one next to it, there's no pattern at all.

What's frustrating me most is that I know my impatience is making it worse but im at a loss where to go now. Do I go back to a cartridge razor that's sprung so at least its comfortable to shave with if useless at getting a good shave, do I go mad and whack in even sharper blades? Do I accept I'll always be disappointed and uncomfortable?

I genuinely cannot afford to go buying equipment like some people can, I dont have the time or the patience either. I just want to do 2/3 passes and feel smooth for once!

/rant ends. Sorry guys!
Actually re the above, I'm being unfair in some ways. I am more comfortable with one blade than I ever was with multi blades. Perhaps what I think I'm really after is a single blade cartridge razor that will forgive me being impatient and a bit cack handed.
I have been there. It is so hard to be patient when you feel you are going backwards. I hope you start seeing some improvement soon.

So my vote is a beard map. All of my biggest improvements have come from mapping and directional adjustments. Now I have it down after ten years, I feel like I can shave with anything. You will get there.

Anyway, grow your beard for a few days and then document the directions that it grows. Be specific. Draw a picture if you like.

Read the link below, and post back all that detail and then we can make a plan.
The brush choice will also help I think. I would suggest going with a Razorrock Plissoft. They are very soft and have very little scritch so it should be kind to your sensitive skin. Also it holds and makes lather quicker than anything else I've used. When all else fails I know that my plissoft will make a soap lather. They're also decently priced.

just my 2 cent. good luck to ya