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Hello from San Diego

Hello everyone,

I heard about this forum on another forum I frequent and it piqued my interest in shaving with a DE razor.

It took some convincing for my wife to okay spending the money on everything ("I swear it's cheaper in the long run! Blades are 2 for $1 instead of 1 for $2!").

I went to my local AoS, bought the Merkur HD and the AoS sandalwood travel pack. Was originally going to get a sandalwood starter and unscented start kit, but they were out of the sandalwood starter, so I got the travel size.

So far I'm liking it a lot, just finished my second shave with it and got a GREAT shave on my cheeks, but not so much on my neck. (I keep a beard pretty much all the time).

Just figured I'd say hi and I can't wait to learn more about this new way of life!
That's some good gear, so you've got an excellent start. What forum did you come from? Make sure you explore the rest of B&B...we've got the best of everything here. And soap. :biggrin: Lots of soap.
That is a good start, but you will want to upgrade that travel brush. Check out the BST site for some brush deals and check the forum for help on your neck (hours of reading)
Welcome! It's always nice to see another San Diegan around. Take your time to browse around. Theres SO much info to be had here, and don't be afraid to ask questions.
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