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Hello from Pa

Welcome to B&B from sunny Florida... we drove up to PA a few weeks ago for a get together with my wife's family.... We lived in PA for around 30 years... I had forgotten about all the potholes in the spring.
Welcome to the forums. Sounds like a straight razor may be in your future. They are like knives, but more elegant. Well, not really as I have seen some amazing knives with Damascus steel.


Girls call me Makaluod
Welcome @Pack line. This post 8s a musthread for members like you.

I have been reading the forum for years. Finally decided to join. Have had a 30+ year fascination with anything sharp, swords, axes, knives... razors are the next logical step.

Welcome to Badger & Blade! :)

Well, your first logical step for a beginners DE razor, is going to obviously be a Merkur 34C. So get yourself one of those, pickup a pack of Gillette Nacets, Astra's, or Derby blades, and begin your introduction into wet shaving grasshopper. 😁

Well, if you like all things sharp, you should include a mower blade in your collection. Don't forget, you need one that is rusty and vintage, and you need a brand new shinny one, hang them on your wall. 😝
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