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Hello from Kuwait

Hope all is well and safe,

my journey with wet shaving started last March.

In Kuwait the norm is to go to the barbershop everyday and pay around 3-4KD for beard shave ( 1 KD around USD3.2). After the Covid outbreak in Kuwait the first government measure was to close all the barbershops ( and still till date from 6th of March) and i work in Bank and you need a clean shave everyday!
So thanks to this forum and youtube i taught myself to shave with the only thing available in Kuwait ! A $200 safety razor from Truefitt and Hill ! Which was very mild and for the first 10 shaves it was a blood bath ! After that i found in the super market a disposable shavettes ! And that what i was using until i found website delivers shaving products to Kuwait! But it was really expensive - and the only website that ships aftershaves- I bought a boker 5/8 mother of pearl with strop and Norton stones ( i dont know how to strop properly yet as the strop is little bet damaged i guess from my pressure).

however the Boker is an excellent shaver ! Now i need your opinion and expertise to find another shaver along with websites ships to Kuwait as in Kuwait there are abosoulte zero products for wetshavers.
I can't order anything now till the full curfew is lifted and that's hopefully by mid of June !
أهلا بك Welcome to B&B and happy Eidul Fitr for today.

You have come to the best place for shaving advice and guidance. For straight razor shaving, check out the Straight Razor section of this forum.


Welcome to B&B and straight razor shaving. Besides Boker, some of the current, non-custom, production makers that are well thought of are Ralf Aust, Wacker, Thiers Issard, and some Dovo models.