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hello everyone

I have been watching and reading from this site for quite some time, thank you all for the very interesting information. I have been wet shaving on and off in the last 30 years, with my worst enemy being overworked!!

A big fan of french soap , L'occitane shop that opened a few years ago where I work was part of the reason I got interested again, and like before I am now back to having a full drawer of soaps, cream, AS... :001_rolle

Scent and a great comfortable shave are equally important to me, matching well an AS after is one of my OCD :blushing:

I love more balanced and complex scent, or subtle and elegant scent (to my humble taste obviously) to uni-dimensional (pure lavender, rose, almond...). AS must be a good match, not necessarily the same fragrance but well adapted to the scent of the soap before, like a meal must a fit together with wine...

Type of scent I prefer; a base of herbal / light wood like Juniper, rosemary ( just recently realize this is what we call romarin in french), cedar, light mint, citrus... with the rest well balanced from leather to floral.
But do not like it to be too sweet; i.e. AOS Sandalwood is too much, like too much whipped cream...

my favorites:
Cade, MdC, MdC Fougere (just received), Pre de Provence, MWF,
also like:
-proraso Green (the smell of soap after...)
-DR harris Arlington / Windsor
-Dot and Lil Unscented: Local artisan shop in Montreal

-BAxter of California: great mix of splash/balm
-Thayers WA
-l'Homme Roger & Gallet (my go to perfume as well)
-Occitane Cade
-Occitane (not cade, nor baux) with a bit of lavender, great balm following MdC
-Myrsol Agua B: great also but as splash after MdC

Do not care much for AOS: I have Sandalwood soap&ASB used once and a Lemon soap unopened that will end up eventually in BST.

-Cella, I am drawn to it like a girlfriend I shouldn't have, but the scent is Almond and sweet:glare:, but I still want it...:lol:
-Finding an aftershave for MdC fougere (will open a thread of this)...

I want to understand better:
-Italian soap/Cream: I am sure there are many elegant scent ...

so thanks everyone for all the fantastic info
Welcome to B&B!!!

I'm glad you came out of the lurker stage and decided to join in on the fun. Happy shaving!!
Welcome to B&B eh? Cella is one of my favorites. Ask Marco about it too.

pretty sure it was following a post by Marco that I tried it, amazing considering the cost, but the almond and the sweetness :)
if only they made a version with a nice herbal scent... but again the classics do not go on compromise!! and that is why they are classics
Hello and welcome to B&B. This is a great forum full of friendly, helpful shavers. You'll learn a lot here.
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