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Hello everyone.

I'm new to the site, been lurking around for about 2 weeks soaking up info and thought an introduction was overdue.

I'm 35 years old and I live with my disabled mother, who had 3 strokes from Dec 2010 to Feb 2011. I've quit work and put my life on hold to care for her, it's not easy but we get by. I originally discovered DE shaving while trying to find alternatives to pricey mach3 refills, since I quit work any cash saved is helpful!

I remembered my uncle using an old gillette DE and brush/mug when I was a kid and noticed how cheap DE blade refills were, so after some research I found mantic59's blog/videos and eventually I found my way here via his links! I ended up grabbing a used Merkur 180 long handle and a VDH shave kit, yeah it's cheap but it does the job. :wink2:

I save money now, sure...but what I did not expect was how much better the shaves I get are compared to the mach3. Also the experience is something I actually look forward to instead of dreading. I only shave every 2 days but it's one the few things I can do now that lets me forget about worries/stress for a short while and indulge myself a wee bit and I love it.

Again, greetings to you all, and thanks for a very informative and helpful community!
Welcome aboard! Sorry, to hear about your Mom. But, glad you took up DE wet shaving. You already mentioned you were soaking up info, so I am sure you know you can post any questions or comments in the forums and usually get a pretty quick response. I think a lot of us started with a VDH kit, I know I did.:001_smile
What everyone else wrote! Sorry about your mom too, that sucks bigtime.

Lots of us started with the VDH kit. One doesn't need to spend a lot of money to get a great shave.

Your looking forward to shaving every day is echoed by most on this forum. I never thought I'd say that and I have many times. I turned a buddy away from the dark side and he says the same thing.
Welcome! Glad you found your way to DE shaving, and found us! Best wishes for you and your mom. It seems like you've already found the stress reducing aspects of DE shaving. Cool!
Welcome welcome! I too am glad you have found the joy of wet shaving. I tell people it is like a mini man spa each day! Hopefully it brings you a nice break every couple days. As others have said, don't hesitate to post any issues you might have - lots of really helpful people around here. What blades are you using? Have you picked up a sampler yet?
You should find the shaves much better after you get used to it. It can certainly be cheaper too, although many on this site spend more on it because we want to; the shaves are just that good.
What blades are you using? Have you picked up a sampler yet?

No, I haven't picked up a sampler yet but I have my eye on the "Choice" sampler from WCS. At the moment I'm using a 10 pack of Merkur Platinums that came with my razor, actually it's an 8 pack since the previous owner used 2. :001_tongu

I'm not experienced enough with various blades to really make a judgement on the Merkur's but they seem to give me an ok shave and don't butcher my face and if I take my time and watch my angle they don't leave me burned.
Welcome, Byron, to the brotherhood here at B&B. This is a pretty cheap club to join :wink2:, unless you get bitten by the AD temptations. You'll find lots of fellowship here to help ease the stresses, and, of course, having a great shave is a relaxing, wonderful stress reducer. You can do that with even the least expensive shaving kit. It's mostly a matter of learning to become skillful at something uniquely manly. Fooling around with soaps and creams, razors and blades, fragrances and finishes, helps to make it a pleasant hobby, but the greatest pleasure, in my view, comes from personal mastery. Best to you and your mom, and welcome aboard.
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