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Hello and thanks for having us!

Hello! I wanted to take this opportunity to say hiand thanks for accepting us into your wonderful community. I've been alurker for some time now :001_unsur and it feels great to finallycome clean!

I've always had a love for wet shaving and all things grooming related so whenthe opportunity to retail products came to fruition my partnerAllison and I created our grooming bucketlist and went for it.
Ekinon ("for him" in Greek) has been in planning for a long timehowever we are still officially in our first year of online sales.
Our philosophy is simple; provide our customers with quality, tried,tested and true products along with unparalleled customer service. A unique "unboxing" experience adds an element of excitement wheneveryour parcel arrives at your door.
We are a Canadian company however we have shipping and fullfilment points in both Vancouver, BC as well as Blaine, Washington.

Our websites at www.ekinon.com and www.ekinon.ca are going through continual changes and improvements and as we continue to source fine products from around the world we will keep everyone posted.

Once again, very excited to be on board and looking forward to serving and being a part of this community.

All our best,
Stan and Allison

Love Canadian vendors - shipping is always much better priced & far faster than (most) US companies. I just noticed your flat shipping & horse hair brushes. Nice.
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