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Hello and Happy New Year

Hello gentlemen :euro:!
Happy New Year and greetings from Bulgaria.

I rediscovered the beauty and calmness of DE shaving after nearly 20 years of boring cartages usage. It all started two weeks ago when I received a beautiful Frank Shaving company rosewood shaving set from my wife for my 51st birthday. Then I found this community here and after following from the shadows for few days I decided to jump in.
My plans for the year include: to learn from the B&B forums as much as possible 🤓; to experiment with DE shaving 👨‍🔬; to stay away from buying more stuff than I actually need 🤞; to enjoy your company here :cool:; to use non-Russian blades only 🇺🇦;

Wish you 10/10 shaves the whole year.
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I'm a Lumberjack.
Welcome! And happy birthday too
Check out the lord line of blades if you haven’t already.
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