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Hello and a question

Dropped by to say hello to the community so ... HELLO!!!
I've been lurking around here for a few months and decided to sign in , a few days ago, mostly to be able to watch those awesome photos that you people are uploading here. I have been wet shaving again, after a long long time , ever since last May and for the past two months i've been using a shavette exclusively and i'm toying with the idea of starting to use a straight razor.
My question is about the Dovo Barbarossa short razor and it's not really one question but more like a "hit me with as much info you have about it".
Will i be able to shave with it out of the box?
Hope you all have nice shaves and interesting lives!
Thank you all for the warm welcome, i hope i'll find some answers to my questions here and be of some help to others, at one point or another and also share experiences with all of you!
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