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Hello all... SR newbie... what have I got myself into? (also, advice needed)

Hello all,

I somehow became interested in the idea of shaving with a straight razor in the past month or so, and have since fallen a long way down the wet shaving rabbit hole. I bought a vintage straight and a cheap leather strop, and despite not even being able to shave with it properly, I've become slightly obsessed... 😂

I've now read 100s of pages on this forum (thankyou all for your contributions), watched too many youtube vids and started looking at eBay for vintage shaving gear. I've also purchased lapping film, an acrylic honing block and some gold dollar razors so I can practice The Method. Not sure if I've found a new hobby, religion or some combination of the two 😂

OK, onto a description of my first shave:
  • On my first shave I was able to shave my cheeks and some of my neck area, but couldn’t remove any hair around sideburns areas. It seemed to me that the point end of the blade wasn’t cutting properly. I had to finish off with my old disposable, so not a great start!
  • I did a hanging hair test and confirmed that the heel end of the blade is sharp and will cut a hanging hair, but the point end (about a third or half of the edge at the point end) wouldn’t cut a hanging hair.
  • I think either the straight wasn't actually shave ready, or (more likely) I ruined the edge with incorrect stropping technique (I think I've since corrected my technique).
  • While this wasn't ideal entry into wet shaving, it has taken me down the path of learning about honing etc which I find very interesting and I'm keen to try my hand at.

And now my newbie questions:
  • If an edge doesn't pass the HHT, will any amount of stropping on leather bring it back, or does it need to be honed?

No it needs rehoning it would seem.

  • Does anyone know of a honemeister in Western Australia? I know there are some on the east coast, but would like to go local if I can.

I know of one in Sydney somewhere and another in Brisbane. I have a fraternal brother in FNQ who is in this forum and also hones.
  • While I'm getting my SR back to shave-readiness, I was thinking of practicing shave technique with a cheap shavette that I have. Is this a good idea, or am I going to pick up bad technique?

Sounds good, but with some caveats. Use Feather Artist Club. Shaving using a shavette and a DE blade is nasty. Go for the Dorco blades as these are very forgiving. The Feathers and Kais will take half your face unless you really know what you are doing. Think of a vertical learning curve.

As for shaving with a cut throat, it will take a while then you will suddenly nail it, or so I found. You just need to persist. Took me four shaves to feel comfortable with a naked blade on my face, Then around shave sixteen I nailed it. Mind you I have been doing three pass shaves since I started with CT razors.

You're welcome!!
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