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Hello all. New to forum. New wet shaver.


ATF. I use all three.
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Welcome to B&B. When you get a chance head over to the Hall of Fame and tell us a little about yourself.
Welcome to the forum. Glad you're here! You're going to like this place.

As for your question, "Is this the bottom of the rabbit hole?" I think an appropriate answer is, "Brother--you haven't hit free-fall yet!" In the famous words of my ex-wife, "Buckle up, you're gonna drop hard and fast!"


I'm a Lumberjack.
Welcome! This isn’t the bottom. At least I hope it’s not. Sounds like you’ve got a great collection….so far 😁


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Welcome to the forums. We really do have so many great products available to us...it's amazing. Also...glad to hear your shaving experience has improved so dramatically. Enjoy!
Welcome to B &B where the people are amazing and the information we share mostly comes from the rabbit holes we explore...
Just have to occasionally watch your footing 😂

Fast forward to July 2022. I have dozens of high end soaps. Yes, I am a safety razor addict and have over 30 razors now. I probably have 20 brushes. I watch men shave on youtube and find it relaxing. Now I am posting on a shaving forum. Is this the bottom of the rabbit hole ? I clearly have an addiction.
Welcome to B&B!!

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