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Guys i need help posting pictures. i cant post pictures from my picture library.

can you guys please help me. thanks
I'm hardly an expert and have never posted a picture here, but I think it's as simple as:

Image url of photo

Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong. Note that this may require that you have a site to host your images.
if you're uploading from your computer, when your composing a post, scroll down to the button "manage attachments" and go from there.
You can attach images as mentioned by RichGem if you reply/post using "advanced mode".
Or use imageshack.us (use the hotlink way at the bottom of the page though after uploading)
Or use pict.com if you have a heap of images that you want to link to as an album.
Ther's probably better options, but that's what I use and they seem to work.
I use [ i m g ] without the spaces.

You might be able to upload some pictures here, either as attachments or albums, but it's at low resolution and limited to 97kb in size or thereabouts, and might depend on contributor status--don't know offhand.
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