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Maybe I picked a poor day to start a new Club Thread, seeing as how it is April's Fools Day. However, I am being serious here. :biggrin1:

I keep seeing posts referencing how folks found Dad's or Granddad's or an Uncle's or even Mom's old razor. Or brush, or whatever else pops up. So, we have posts sprinkled all over the place for each occurrence, and even some within some of the other B&B Club Threads. But, I do not see any Club devoted to the concept of using anything Heirloom.

If such already exists, someone kindly point it out and I will wander over there. :wink2: I did look around for a few days now, and did not find such.

Now, there is something *very* special about using anything that has been passed down. It is even more special when someone in the family pulls out something, and tells you this was from 'insert relative here' and they spotted it while looking for something else, and thought you would like to have it. :001_tt1:

So, here is a Club, the HUC as it will probably wind up known in sig lines. All one needs to do to join up is tell us what it is you use that has been passed down to you. And, add HUC to your sig line, of course! :biggrin1:

I will start us off. I started shaving at age 15 in 1976. Dad handed me an Early Tech, the pre-war variety with the triangular slots:


My Grandfather (my mom's dad) passed on in 1979. Shortly after, my grandmother handed me a 3 pc Gillette Old Type, model 102 with the thinner cap and ball handle. She mentioned that he had bought that not long after getting out of the Army after WWI. He had used it ever since. Now, it was silver plated, and most of the silver is gone, but a good amount remains on the bottom side of the bottom plate. Until recently, you couldn't even see that. I cleaned it with the baking soda and aluminum foil trick. Some days I think of having it replated in silver, but I probably never will. I rather like it in the condition it is in. There is more to the history that way.


So, these are my two Heirlooms that I use on a regular basis. I shave WTG then ATG with either the Fasan or the Old Type, then pull a third touch-up pass with the Tech XTG. On some days, when I use the Fasan, I touch up with the Old Type. When I travel (not by air obviously, for that I have a *shudder* Mach 3) it is with the Tech alone.

I have other heirlooms, such as another tech, a couple brushes, and the other Grandfather's straight razor. But, I do not use them much at all. So, I will save those for another day.

Now, how about every one else? What do *you* shave with which has been passed down to you??


ps, off to add HUC to my Sig!
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Here is another one. It was Mom's. It was too mild for me, but it always had a place in the drawer. A couple month's ago, I did a clean up around here, and passed this one on to another B&B member. I saved the pic I took of it for the heck of it, so here is what was another handed down razor:


My grandfather never threw anything away, as far as we know. After he passed away, I found a stash of razors and a shaving mug in the building where he stored his mother's stuff when they put her in a nursing home, and another stash in an old first-aid kit that my mother says was in the bathroom at the house when she was a kid.

This picture shows a Hull Pottery Old Spice Mug, '61 Fat Boy (G2), Schick Type-D, and '61 Flair-Tip (G4). The Type-D was my great-grandfather's

This picture includes a 1945 TV Special SS in the case (Z3) and the newer Old Spice Mug my father used while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam war. He gave it to me when I started shaving, and I've passed it on to my son since this picture was taken

Finally, here is my great-grandfather's Ever Ready 1914. I was amazed what a great shave I got when I tried it. 100-years old this year.

There was also the head of a Star 1912 in my great-grandfather's stuff that I only got a handle for recently, that I've also used with great results, except for right under my nose and chin. Hard to find the right angle in those spots.

Wow! What a s w e e t collection! And, the best part is that *you* did not need to do the collecting!! So, SS ww ee ee tt (that being a double sweet there )!!

Somewhere around here, I have a straight razor from my other Grandfather (Dad's Dad) which I will add a pic of when I figure out exactly which safe place I stored it in.....;)

But, my collection is modest. One from each Grandfather and three from Dad.

I have an English Tech from my Wife's Grandmother. I've been using it a lot lately paired with a different handle. It shaves really well.

After cleaning


With new handle

Thanks for the invite KQY61!

Please Consider this my membership application:

#1) My grandfathers F4 Fatboy. My Father learned how to shave with this razor and when my grandpa passed away in March it was given to me. I had it re-plated and it is my absolute favorite. This is the razor that started it all for me. I have since taught my 15 year old son how to shave on this very same razor. As I told him the history he welled with pride and promised without provocation, that one day, when he had a son, he too would teach him to shave with it like a "Cangelosi man". Boy was I proud. At currently 4 generations of Cangelosi men shaving with it This razor couldn't be purchased at any price.

#2) my Grandpas injector. After it became known that grandpas Fatboy had started me collecting vintage razors and shaving equipment, my grandmother brought me 2 more of his razors. The first was his "daily user" a beautiful white injector. I sadly have never used it. When I received it there were 2 blades shoved inside of it on top of one another. Apparently he had been shaving with it like that for a while, must have been the dementia towards the end of his life. The razor will no longer hold a single blade as the gap is now to large and it falls right out.

#3) grandpas black flare tip. This was brought to me at the same time as the injector. My grandmother never remembers seeing him use it. I tried it and it's to mild for me, maybe me and paw paw were of the same opinion.

#4) My wife's grandfathers Schick Krona. I haven't used this one yet either but I will give it a go sometime this week. It looks brand new, this man is immaculate .$image.jpg

If accepted I would proudly add HUC as the first thing on my signature.


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Wow. A family collection! Very nice! :)

There is no acceptance per se. Or, a better way to say it is everyone is In that has shaving things passed down. It does not matter what it is. Any razor, brush, mug, bowl, etc. ;)

Man do I envy you guys. I've put together a small collection of razors and brushes "like" the ones I remember.

What I wouldn't give to have the actual goods.
I think you may be surprised what turns up if you start asking

Well, given that they're all in the grave, and we've completely clean out dad's house to rent, and I've been living in my grandparent's house for years, it's gonna be kinda tough finding someone to ask and figuring out where else to look.

We're the old ones! ;)

Grandpas razor, an US Aristocrat from 1934.​

He bought it just before the WWII in th US. When he had passed in 1964 I played with it by combing sand (I was 8 or 9!). When I got tired with it I hid it in the neighbors garage wall. The neighbors son teared down the old garage in 2012 and found it and gave it to my brother. My family had it replated in rhodium and gifted it to me on my birthday last year.

Grandpa was always well shaven and now I understand why. It's a wonderful shaver.
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What a story! And the teeth survived the beachcombing to boot. That would be a tough story to top, for sure. Happily, everyone involved knew what to do with it when it came out of hiding.

Most of us would tell a story of something simply handed down after someone passed on. Boring, by comparison!



Rest in Peace
This is my grandfather's razor who worked for the railroad and was killed at work in an accident in 1918 when my dad was 10 years old.
It's a "Muschel' which is German for Mussel.$razors 030.jpg
Here is my heirloom shave of the day. Great grandfather's Shumate, strop and mug along with my grandfather's Fuller brush.


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I'll get pics up soon, it's late and I'm too tired right now... lol Here's the list of heirloom razors I have:

Great Great Grandfathers W&B wedge straight
Great Grandfathers Ball End Old Type
Great Uncles Electric Cutlery Co. straight
Grandfathers 1940's SS's and Slim Adjusts (we have a family cottage, he kept the same shaving setup at home and there, so two of each of those)
Random GEM Micromatic, unsure which relative it belonged to.
Here is mine: Grandfather's from when he was with the RCAF in WWII. 4 piece tech from his kit. Also my first safety razor 22 years ago.


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Looking through Mr.Razors site, it turns out what I found in the closet was a Brownie set in a very dilapidated case. The razor and blade bank are in good user grade shape, however. Going by the dating on the set, it was either my great grandfathers, or my grandfathers first razor... possibly both, even, I guess.

That sounds quite reasonable. They do have a way of making their way down the line like that. In my case, the Old Type bypassed Mom and came on to me right after her dad passed away. He had used it most of his life.

That was an excellent find. :)

There is always something special about using things which have a family history.

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