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Heirloom Razors.


The Aussie Bulldog
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg My father gave me most of these razors when I left home to make my way out in the world. This was back in 1983. The superspeed he gave me about a year ago when he stumbled on it his shed. In the photos, the Gem was owned by my great grandfather, who was my grandmothers father. The next two Gillette techs were owned by my grandfather and the Gillette superspeed and what I believe to be a Gillette Sportsman tech were owned by my father. My grandfather was a barber by trade but after serving in New Guinea in WW2 he left barbering and became a fettler on the railway. He did still cut our hair up until I was in high school. Both he and my father have never shaved against the grain. Only with and across the grain. I didn't listen as I perform all three passes. I have used all these razors. Going from left to right in the first photo,the Gem I have real difficulty with. I cannot get the technique right and every shave finishes up in bloodshed and sever razor burn. The next tech is just the opposite. It is the "gem" to use. The first time I tried it when I left home was really bad but after finding this forum and learning how to use it, the shaves are just wonderful. The middle tech is cased but is suffering from plating loss on side of the cap. I have used it, using only the good side and it shaves okay. The superspeed is a superspeed. A fantastic razor and I am very happy that my father found it. The last tech is also fantastic. I really do like this tech. Nimble and a delight to use. I have no son to pass these razors on to. I will be giving the Gillettes to my four nephews when the time comes. I hope that they appreciate them as I have. The Gem I may leave to a cousin who still has the same surname as my great grandfather. My father still has a Rolls razor locked up at home. He has showed it to me but I have yet to receive. It must mean something to him as he has not parted with it yet. There is also a small case of straight razors that he has from his father in his shed. These may not be usable but I will have fun checking them out. I apologise for the length of this post.


Moderator Emeritus
It's very nice to be able to carry on the family legacy Andrew. Even better that you are using the razors on a regular basis. As far as the Gem is concerned, blade angle is critical - it may pay to check with the guys in the SE Forum. It should be an excellent shaver as well.

Thanks for a great post.


I’m stumped
Cool that you have so may heirloom razors, Andrew. I'm sure your father is happy the razors are being used by you.


The Aussie Bulldog
A8005D09-2B91-452D-8BB0-97295309E6E4.jpeg ED2E84D0-54EB-42AE-9F74-FF5EC998E8B9.jpeg A119E968-4A53-47C4-BC7D-1680D06C1738.jpeg A5057496-7043-4FF1-8E00-5C73A66133ED.jpeg 11C1E83F-70DD-425A-B21C-807CFC8B3B5B.jpeg
Received this Gillette Tech razor that belonged to my Grandfather on my mother’s side. He passed away almost 20 years ago and my Grandmother passed away about 4 years later. My mother found this when she was sorting out some boxes of personal stuff from her mother this weekend. She can vaguely remember packing it up when they were cleaning out my grandmothers house for sale. Not much was thrown away and my mother is only now sorting some of the more personal things that she finished up with. The razor still had an Irish made razor blade loaded in it. I have it soaking now and I will use it this coming week. As most members know, I love Gillette Techs and I look forward to using this Tech this week.
Being a Canuck, I do not often pass this far south of the equator, or beyond the Dateline. Glad I did today, as those are some pretty nice razors to have, and the family significance just takes it to a higher level. Thanks for sharing.
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