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Heavyweight boxing

Fury v. Joshua next (I hope).

Wilder needs to find a camp that will take him back to basics. Once he realized that Fury's plan was to close close close (to eliminate the space needed for Wilder's big punches), where was the "plan B" to allow wilder to create that space? Terrible coaching. He deserved better service from his corner . . . the only favour they did him was throwing in the towel.
This so much.

Based on my previous analysis/predictions no one should trust what I'm about to say, but I think Fury will destroy Joshua.
Sounds like Wilder is using his rematch clause, so we have a trilogy on our hands.
Oh snap. Didn't think he would. ESPN said he has 30 days to act on it. Don't really see a different result there. He would have to change his style completely.

Best of luck to him.
I also hope that Fury fights AJ next. I also agree that Wilders corner is no that great and just as caught up in the hype as Wilder is himself. Since I really dislike Wilder I was very happy with the result. Almost made it worth the $80, ha ha.
Wilder is blaming his heavy costume for making his legs weak.
You'd think he'd back off, having been beaten by Fury twice now.
Hes blaming his 40 pound costue for weakening his legs yet he is on record on the Joe Rogan show stating that he trains with a 40 pound vest on.