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Heavy Grunewald Stainless Razor

Just acquired this 6/8 half hollow with really heavy steel scales:
IMG_8341.JPG IMG_8342.JPG
It weighs in at over 100g and the only thing it says on the tang is Grunewald.
I'm guessing this was designed for medical use.
Has anybody seen one like this before?
I have one myself, it is a razor for the medical profession, it is all stainless steel construction so that it can be sterilised with heat treatment in an autoclave.
Your hunt along the outer boundaries of shaving is always a source of shivers down my spine. A kind of interesting horror shaving, I admire that. That is a razor made for medical use.

This is only guesswork so take it for what it is worth. At last in Sweden the military very often marked their straight razors with the name of the stationary military hospital they belonged to. Grunewald is an exclusive part of Berlin, but it has several hospitals and a railway station. The last indicates that it most likely must have been at least one military hospital there during WWI as well as WWII. So what I guess is that you've got yourself a razor that once belonged to a military hospital in Grunewald Berlin.
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