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Heavy Duty DE Razor - modern blades

There are two historical threads which ask this question, but they are short and get off on tangents about axe heads and post production handles. I mean, if post production weight was the only consideration, you could just take an aluminum Tech head and add a lead handle right?

A heavy head is probably as significant as just having a heavy handle, symmetry is important with a razor so that it doesn't have a severe imbalance between head and handle.

What is the heaviest DE razor made, vintage or modern, with stock head and handle that accepts modern DE blades without modification?

I may decide to mix and match at some point, taking a great handle and adding a great head to it, so I'm looking for the ultimate beefy DE razor which will be my go to razor for all eternity.

If cost was not an issue - what heavy duty razors are at the top of the list?

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IMHO it’s not about weight but technique.
Agreed. The WCS 175s will shave like a potato peeler without proper technique.
Respect it and it'll give you the smoothest shave you have had.
It's priced like a sore pecker...can't beat it!
Sorry for the colorful comment, owner at an antique store dropped that one on me the other day. It worked, I bought it lol.
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