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Heavier Razors

Currently I own two DE razors, a Merkur long handle OC and an EJ89. I really like both razors. I'm finding that each razor reacts differently when I use the same brand blade. While the Merkur is very light and works well on my head, the EJ is heavier and works well with sharper blades.

Now this is way in the future, but when it's time for a new razor, what razors are heavier than others? I say "when it's time" and mean it in vague terms, who knows when RAD will kick in? Right now it hasn't. The question still is out there. Who makes a heavier razor? I guess that could apply to the razor as a whole or just head.
If you're looking for heft, the Merkur 43C is a two piece razor that sports an all stainless handle. It's nice and heavy. I have a thread on it somewhere here in the DE section if you want to look at the pics.
Are the Bulldog handles still for sale on eBay? That might be a better cheap option that would be compatible with a lot of heads.

*Just looked, appears they're not. Weber handles are $38 each though and fairly hefty*
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