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Headslick shave cream, by Headblade....PICS

I got to experimenting today with this stuff (I've used it as a preshave, or as brushless, in the past) and after reading the ingredients, decided to try risking a go at it with my brush......
The bottle: (from Walgreens)

A little dab on the brush....

and well.....surprise, surprise.....not half bad:

I am quite pleased (no, don't go comparing it to Trumper....) gonna give it a try in th morning.
John P.
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LOL it says for the head on down....so ummm I would say both....
if you prefer.......

that said it has a really cooling, eucalyptus feel to it, so use at your own risk....
I just thought it cool that a cream that doesn't even remotely suggest it will make lather, was good enough to use for three passes. Pretty neat.
I'm curious though, if anyone else tries this, how does it compare to Proraso? Is it the same eucalyptus-y deal or no? I've been thinking of trying some lately.
John P.
I think it was six or seven dollars, (receipt promptly went into the trash a long time ago-)and its the size of one of those small water bottles. In fact, I think it IS packaged in one of those small water bottles....
On the same shelf they sell the "headblade" razor. If I shaved my head I think that would be the way to go-has a little place where you wear it on 2 fingers, and sortof "wipe" it over your head. Well anyway if you see one you will likely see the other near it.
John P.
7bucks or so. 8oz. White colored, thick texture. Extremely metholated. I found it to suck out all the moisture on my head when applied. It gets surprisingly foamy via direct applying and rubbing. Rewetting had no effect. I have the same problem with proraso too, though - so if you like proraso or other metholated creams, you may like this.

After this shave, I attempted a shave with Kiss My Face cool mint the same way, via brushless application and the lubricity was a hundred times better.

look for my headblade review, where i will go into more detail about the cream and headblade.

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