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Headshaving with a King C. Gillette

Bottom line up front: this is a nice choice for headshaving, but the handle isn't very grippy.

About me: I have been DE wet shaving my head for about the last 8 years, using a cartridge razor for the ten years prior. I'm more a DE user than an enthusiast--I joined here in 2014 for help figuring out how to cut my shaving costs. My normal is GC84 that I've had the past four years, and I've used Feather blades nearly exclusively the whole time. I make my own shave and bath soaps.

I grabbed this King C Gillette in the Clearance section at Walmart, which was the first I've even heard about Gillette branded new DE razors.

The chrome on it is really nice, and it is not aggressive, so for me shaving the back of my head was very quick and forgiving. I developed my head shaving technique using a fairly aggressive razor, but this felt substantially less likely to cut me. The points of contact where I grip the handle are unfortunately not the parts with the knurling (YMMV).

So for me, this felt like a good value--I gambled 13 bucks and got a winner. I haven't opened the blades that came with it, but I hear they're good.
I have one and immediately changed the handle over to something with more grip and shorter in length. Plenty of affordable aftermarket handles available (I personally like the ones from RazoRock).

The blades that come with it are really good.
I should have mentioned I stuck with a Feather blade for my testing, since I was interested in the razor's quality.

And I used it for a couple days before posting this mini-review.
I don’t head shave, but the KCG was the first DE razor I ever used and I still love it. To me the handle is usable, but just meh, so I replaced it with a Razorock “Vintage Thin” handle. It fits it perfectly. The combo makes for an incredibly nimble shave and is easy to fit in a travel bag.
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