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Headblade Adapter

New to the forum. I’ve been shaving my head for 16 years, all with a Headblade. I currently use an S4 and found triple blades work the best for me. Unfortunately HB discontinued the blade and I don’t like the Atra. I like the Sensor 3 blades but my last Sensor adapter broke. And those adapters have also been discontinued. I always had nicks with the HB2s and the 4 and 6 blades never get a close enough shave for me. To make matters worse I just bought about 20 Sensor blades I now can’t use.

Does anyone know where the Sensor adapters can be found or a copy? I’d also be interested in a comparable blade to the HB3.

Thank to anyone who can help!
I would strongly recommend the Gillette Guard razor for head shaving. It’s not gonna give you nicks and is a smooth operator.
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