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Head Shaving Brush Suggestions

Hello all, new to the forum. I currently use a Simpson's Best Colonel. I think it is a great beginner brush for me but I want a brush that is good for head shaving. Just seeing if anyone had suggestions. Thanks :)
Great question. I currently have 3 boars and one badger. I'm finding that I prefer the good boars to the badger. The main reason is that the boars seem to load way easier in my hard water. I think I prefer my fan shaped knots to the bulb. I also tend to reach for my Omega 48 the most, because it's such a large knot and holds so much more lather. I think the 48 is just a little bit too large of a loft for me though. I've been looking into some horse and synthetics, and here's what I've been thinking

Knot - Somewhere around 25mm. Any smaller and it doesn't hold as much lather
Loft - Somewhere between 55 and 60mm. My 48 is a little too large at 65, and my 66 just a little too small at 51.
Handle - I like my Omega 66 and VDH handles, so I've been looking for something similar.
Fiber - I like my boars better than my badger, but not sure if that has more to do with size/shape or feel. I plan on trying both a synthetic and a horse hair before looking into a new badger.

I also don't believe in spending more than $30 on a brush, so In summary, these are the next on my list now that I have some experience

Boar - Omega 11126
Sythetic - I'm leaning toward the Omega HI with 58" loft, but I hear good things about the Kent Infinity Silvertex as well.
Horse - Vie Long 12705
Omega 48 or 49. I use them both exclusively for head shaving. If you want to use it for face shaving also, I would go with the 49. Its just a great performer and the price can't be beat.
Thank you for the suggestions. What would be the effect loft size (bigger or smaller) have on lathering a large surface such as our dome? So boar might be a good choice for the head? I guess I have the negative connatation that boar<badger. Thanks again.
Semogue 2000, ~$20.00, ~60/25mm, an excellent mix of Premium and Super White. It's perfect for covering a large area and the tips get nice and soft. When I used Boar brushes, the 1250, ~$15.00, was my favorite for face lathers, two good value Semogue Boars.
Pick up a Kent BK8 on sale for somewhere around 100 bucks.

Pick up a 30 mm whipped dog silvertip at around 45 bucks, standard loft.
Semogue SOC boar is the first thing that came to mind. It's got a pretty wide bloom to it.

If you're looking for huge badgers, Kent BK8 or BK12 or a Thater/Shavemac fan with a big knot and loft are gigantic.

I would assume you want to bowl lather?
Again thanks for the additional responses. I think I want to stick with badger but boar is pretty inexpensive to at least give it a go. I started out bowl lathering out of the tub, but lately I've been loading my brush up with product and slowly working water in as I face/head lather. I like that also.
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