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Having some neck/jawline irritation issues

I have been using my FUTUR for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. I also have some Proraso green tube, AOS lavender, AOS lemon, and the AOS lavender preshave oil and aftershave balm. My favorite aftershave balm though is my Proraso liquid ASB. I am using a AOS little badger brush currently as well. Thats my set up.

Here's my problem. Along my jaw-line, and neck I get some irritation. Not really razor burn as it's not red and inflamed but during the day I can just feel it. It's just plain irriated. It doesn't seem to matter how gently I shave the area or how much water and later I put on it. The rest of my face I can pretty much shave anyway I'd like without so much as a nick. Any ideas or products to try?

PS. I have ordered the blade sampler pack from LETTERK as I'm currently using Merkur blades. Maybe something else would work better?
I had the same issue. I think it was caused by a combination of me doing one too many passes and using too much pressure. For some reason I want to apply pressure along my jawline to get a close shave. I just had to practice and make sure I was using good technique on my entire face.

How many passes are you doing? How about pressure?
I'm used very light pressure today, basically razor weight only and still there. I do N/S, ear to nose, S/N, and then touch ups. I do rinse and apply more water/lather between passes. I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't wash my face, or at least the bits of face I don't shave to leave some natural oils there.

Could it be the FUTUR is just a bit too aggressive even set at 1.5? Or maybe I'll just give myself a little more time to adjust and see what happens.:confused:
Tom, I am using a Futur with Merkur blades and have had some problems with irritation, esp. on my neck. I hope it is the blades, because I love the razor. I am expecting my sampler pack any time now.


Even when using very light pressure I would advise you to stop after 2 passes, regardless of how much stubble still remains on your face. 3 passes with touch ups is already quite alot when you're new to this wet shaving.

I don't have any experience with the Futur (currently developing my technique using a Long Handle) but if you can dial it lower I would start from there.

Your face definately needs time to adjust to your new shaving habits and try on the easiest setting for a few weeks, develop your technique and then see whether you can dial it up again.
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