Haven’t thought about my Rockwell 2C since getting a Gillette Flare Tip

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by BrooklynSalt, Sep 15, 2018.

    If you got the first generation with the chrome metal tip, you got a good one.

    Can do better than the GEM MMOC as long as you have the GEM PTFE blades.

    The Schick injector razors are so good regardless of the generation.
  1. I am going to get this as a birthday present if anything. In the month of April. So I have to come to a decision shortly!
  2. The Krona is 1st gen with the metal tip on the end.
    I'm assuming you meant can't do better with the Gem MMOC. and I do have the GEM PTFE blades. Amazing. I'm goig to acquire a ClogPruf and Bullet Tip to round out the collection.
    Looking forward to trying the injector.
  3. Sorry, yes should have written "can't". Congratulations on your collection. :a14:
  4. Now looking at the Rockwell 6c and 6s. I'm thinking the 6s is a better buy. Seems like it could last a lifetime. I'm just wondering the difference in aggressiveness compared to my merkur 34c clone, the blades are easy to change on the 34c, and is pretty aggressive on body hair. I also have a merkur futur clone which is my go to for face at the moment, due to me having sensitive skin on the neck, a level 6 aggressive on that is about equivalent to the 34c, but the blades are hard to change, if I need to change blades to do body. So my question is how closer of a shave can you get with the 6s using a 6 plate is it more aggressive than 34c? As well as is the Rockwell any smoother than merkur 34c?
  5. The Rockwell 6c or 6s are both fantastic razors. You won’t be disappointed. Some prefer the chrome and think is smoother. And I believe the chrome will last a lifetime where the stainless is an heirloom
  6. I don't know if you have a 34c. But would a Rockwell 6s with a 6 plate be sharper, and any smoother at all? It's either this Rockwell razor, or Karve razor with a D plate for body. I'm happy with merkur futur for face!

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