Haven’t thought about my Rockwell 2C since getting a Gillette Flare Tip

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    In Mid-August I received a 1958 Flare
    Tip. It’s my second razor acquisition since I started shaving with a DE, specifically a Rockwell 2C (plate 3) a year and a few months ago.

    My first shave caused me serious razor burn, but thanks to the good folks here with that pointers, I honed in the technique and I absolutely love this razor. I have to be much more careful and light the with my technique, however I find this to be a very smooth and efficient razor. I can more easily get under my nose and save my neck more efficiently and closely (note I rarely go against the grain). In fact my last shave with a PolSilver blade was close and efficient and I had little burn from the alum.

    Is it normal to reject my first razor, for the new one on the shelf? Because I have zero desire to shave with the Rockwell since I’ve learned how to use the Gillette Slim. Or am
    I finding what works best for me?

    Also, I assume the blades I liked in the Rockwell may not be the ones I favor in the Gillette. Can anyone confirm? (I’ve only used 2 blades, a Gillette Wilkinson Sword and most rectbku a PolSilver)

    Also, getting this razor makes me want to acquire a Gillette Tech and a Schick Krona for starters.
  1. And down the rabbit hole one goes.......
    Tech? Prewar? NDC? Canadian Tech? English Tech? Gotta have them all!
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    What about the Gillette News ? SC, LC, new improved and yes you forget the old type too !

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    This is why I bought each of the vintage Gillette razors and worked my way through the lot. It's also why I've sold a ton of razors here too. @Studious_John is correct, you gotta at least try them all.
  4. +1! It is fun to try different options!! :a29:
  5. Yes, it's normal. We've all been there. I ended up selling my first razor after I bought a few more. I wasn't going to use it again anyway.

    2C has the plates 1 and 3, very mild settings, which means that, if you had bought the 6C, you would have more options to shave with and there is a possibility that you'd still use it.
  6. Agreed!! This is a fun hobby. Due to the excellent experts here I have experienced many vintage razors going from Gillettes, other DE types, SE types, and finally to "straights". If you make friends here and are respectful of others, the sky is the limit to what you can experience.
  7. Normally the first razor acquisition is the most "educated" one. you research, read lots of reviews, watch youtube reviews etc. you try to buy the razor that will suit your needs at a reasonable cost. after you get comfortable with your razor RAD begins. You start to doubt whether you use the best razor for your needs and you look for the next razor acquisition.by this time you get reckless . you are sure you mastered your technique and you can handle any razor and you buy the new razor because you want it but not necessarily need it. even if you get disappointing result from the new razor you mentally convince yourself that it is better than your old one just to justify the acquisition and the future ones. you will go back to the rockwell for sure , its one of the best razors around.
  8. This works if you can remember which one you got first. :a29:
  9. I agree with you about the plate settings.
  10. If you want to experience further the 2c you can buy from Rockwell one of the more aggressive plates 2-4 or 5-6. i think it cost 15$ and you can enjoy a more effective shave with the same smoothness.
  11. Thanks. For some reason I believe they had two sets of plates (old and new). My plate is not stamped Rockwell in the side. They also weren’t very responsive to emails
  12. Thanks for your reply. I was leaning more towards the 6c instead of the 2c for that reason. And for an extra 20 dollars for 6 plates instead of 3. I have a question who makes Rockwell? Is it a Swedish razor? I don't know.
  13. Rockwell is a company based in Canada. Their zamak razors are made in China, thier ss is made in the US at the moment. But I know that soon they will move their production to China for these too. They will let us know. This comes from Gareth, I read it somewhere, I think on Reddit.
  14. Agreed, the Rockwell is very hard to beat, for under $100 anyway. But while I like plate 3, imo plate 4 is a must have too, so imo anyone with just the 2C who isn't entirely happy should get the additional plate.
  15. Sooner or later the plate 3 won't satisfy the user. That's why the 6C or even better the 6S are better options.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I will think about the 6s as well, but it may be the 6c. I think I need the 5 an 6 plate for body shaving purposes. And from what it sounds like a plate 4 is kind of a must.
  17. A good friend sent me the 6S as a Christmas gift in 2016. It was my RAD killer. My RAD was so strong that I had bought two Wolfmans (BBS-1 and such) and other premium products within a couple of months.
  18. since writing this post, I think I've used the Rockwell only a few times. It was a real eye opener to get another razor -- my second being a PIFed Flare Tip. Since then RAD has taken over. I have acquire the following:

    • Schick Krona (I think it was around $10). It is mild, but effective and very well weighted for me. Ideally, the handle would be a tad shorter
    • Gillette Pre War Fat Handle Tech (I've read about how smooth and effective this razor was, so I acquired this very, very good specimen for $10)
    • Gem Micromatic Open Comb (when I acquired the Tech, I didn't realize it was the tech and the Gem MMOC in a package with some blades and samples). I was scared to try it, but this gives an incredibly smooth and close shave it you get the angle. Perhaps the closest shave I've ever gotten.
    • Schick Injector (I believe a J). The Gem got me interested in single edge razors, and just yesterday I acquired this along with the a Gillette Slim Adjustable and another Gillette Flare tip for $13 off eBay. I'm waiting for the injector blades to arrive at the house.
    • Gillette Slim Adjustable I've always wanted an adjustable gillette and this was too good of an offer to pass up. I had my first shave with this razor this morning with a new Astra SP on setting 5. it was smooth and cut through three days growth easily. Lives up to the hype.

    I also have more razors coming soon and have PIFed my second flare tip to my friend who is currently using my Rockwell.
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  19. My first razor acquisition, which was PIFed to me, wasn't educated. But from there, I got a serious case of RAD and the rest -- which the exception of a GEM -- were.

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