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Haven't had bad soap.

The way I see level of importance is razor > blade > soap > brush.

I've got a tub of terrible shave soap, but I still got a good shave. To me a good shave soap is definitely better than a hand soap, but both will get the job done.
Whether you're talking soaps, creams, razors or blades, technique trumps tools. Some tools will fit your personal technique better than others, but almost all can be made to work. Pay your money and take your choice.

On soaps (to stay on topic):

I've had good luck with WMS, MWF, MdC (sample), Stirling, Captain's Choice, Col. Conk, VdH, PdP, AoS, A&E, B&M, P&B, CF, Dr. Jon's, Catie's Bubbles, Haslinger's, Maggard, Proraso, Palmolive, Dial, Dove Men Care+, Pears.

I've had bad luck with Lightfoot's, Scalpmaster, and Ivory.

Ultimately, on the rare occasions when I've had a bad shave, it's almost always operator error, usually getting the lather just a little bit wrong. So for me, WMS = MdC for results, and wins on price.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
We all have different skin/beards/razors/technique and there will be some that work better for some shavers and not others. But aside from a couple I've read about that are near impossible to lather, they all do work.

Back a few years ago one of the reasons I settled on MdC was that I ended up with fewer weepers. Obviously soap doesn't cause weepers - that's bad technique - but statistically it made a difference. Now I only get 3 or 4 weepers a year, so that's less of an issue, but I'm fairly fussy about which soaps I buy. But you don't have to be. Buy what you like, or the cheapest one if you like everything, and enjoy your shaves.
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