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Have you ever encountered impolite remarks when you talked about "shaving"

I value the civilised discourse here on B&B but in general I agree that the Social Media, and the Internet in general, sometimes brings out the worst in people, or perhaps it reveals their true personality. Although there are clearly many huge positives to the Internet, I think they are outweighed by the negatives and the world would be a better place without it. I am increasingly disillusioned and dismayed with the Internet, and the aggression and division that I see there, and increasingly in real life. Still, there is no holding back 'progress'; maybe I am just a Luddite.
I used to really worry the internet brings out people’s true dark side. In reality I think it brings out a tribal side that’s an aspect of an absence of nonverbal cues we use when we are face to face. People say things to each other that they would never say face to face and so ( as an American ) to take a simple example, conservatives and liberals paint each other with the worst caricatures of each other and if we didn’t know better (as per another thread) we should all be stocking up on bullets and guns for the end of the world ( and there are a fair amount of politicians on both sides who know how to exploit that aggression and fear ). In reality, with rare exception, I have never met anyone who fits those caricatures and further most of us have far more in common - with our common humanity, sense of humor, work ethic, friendship, sense of fun, and inevitably shaving - than we have in what divides us.
Anyone who would criticize someone for shaving, let alone with a brush, double edge and shaving cream/soap, isn't worth the trouble trying to figure out why they would criticize. Clearly they are the ones with the insecurities about being a man. Frankly, it takes a man to be willing to shave off all that hair that they've been hiding behind all those years because they are afraid to to face the world as who they really are. Add to that the ease with which social media provides people to become "bold" and combative. Those people are best ignored.


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Thank you. I'm willing to wager that, were I able to grow it back, it would be much more grey these days.
Lol, mine is now white or silver. I may grow some scruff this winter for insulation, but doubtful.

Years ago (20ish) my driver's license picture looked like I was on the no fly list the last time I had a beard for most of the year!
There are some people who think it is funny or sporting to try and be sarcastic all the time. I believe the physical separation when online makes it all the more popular, as a way to attract attention to themselves.

I once had a younger coworker who always made such quips and the more senior coworker would frequently retort: "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit". Matt Hall's remark is not witty.


George Bailey Fanboy
You mean that there are people outside this forum that actually SHAVE ?
Cause when I am walking the streets all I see are men that look like orthodox priests.....
There appears to be less of them around here. But as I live in a northern state (Michigan) I expect that may change when the weather cools, especially if folks have to, "shelter in place" again this winter...
I have a work colleague that used to go on and on about his beard and people that shaved weren’t real men. He even went so far to make comments about how if he was forced to shave, he’d resign OR that men without beards only have daughters.

Fast forward, he no longer has a beard, is still at work and has a 3 year old daughter. Everytime he starts a conversation I tell him I can’t take him seriously without a beard.

On the plus side, he’d noticed my kit at work including the double edge razor, blades and brush. He’s now a convert.

You can bet he gets razzed by the guys when he shows up with nicks on his face. “A real man with daughters should know how to wield a blade and shave properly.”

Karma as they say...
I have to laugh whenever I hear or see something like this. I've had a full beard & mustach and I've never had to do more preening than to keep that monster in check. I say offer them a straight edge and tell them to do something manly for a change.
I have to laugh whenever I hear or see something like this. I've had a full beard & mustach and I've never had to do more preening than to keep that monster in check. I say offer them a straight edge and tell them to do something manly for a change.
felt exactly the same way when i grew out the full beard and moustache. Wasnt long before i realized it was way more work than i expected/needed. Honing is way more relaxing than trying to keep my beard out of stuff and stuff out of my beard.

I didnt feel like i was hiding behind my beard though. It was glorious in its own right though.
The anonymity of social media can bring out the worst.

So can driving. It doesn’t happen often, but every year or so, another driver flips me the bird. Usually my fault, but not always. But my response is consistent: feign shock, then recognition, then waive frantically as if I know the guy well, and finally pantomime for him to call me. It’s interesting to watch as they die inside.
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