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Have you ever dropped your Razor?

While shaving today, my Gillette Rocket HD slipped and I nearly dropped it in the sink. But alas, I didn't and remain 28 months drop free. I am curious how common is it for you to drop your DE or straight edge razor in the sink or the bathroom tile floor? Did your razor survive the fall?
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I didn't drop it but I shook it right into the faucet. I flick excess water off after rinsing so it doesn't run down my face and wash lather down my neck and chest. I flicked it right into the faucet, hard. Scared some poop out of me. It was fine but for about 15 seconds I was not happy with myself.
I chipped the edge of the base plate off of my 34c by dropping it on the tile floor. I used a finger nail file to round off the edges. Still shaves like a dream.!


I think I've gotten better at holding onto the razor. Can't remember how long it has been since I dropped one. Though I do remember dropping my Dreadnought Spartan and my Merkur 38C in the shower. They survived. However, when I was on vacation I dropped my RazoRock Classic hammer in their tiled floor shower ... That one got a little bent out of shape :(

$Razorock classic hammer.jpg
I guess its not that common to drop a razor. Makes me wonder how all the bent up ones on Ebay got to be that way.
The handle on the Lord L6 isn't all that gripy so yes I dropped it quite a few times. It's a razor, 3 pieces of metal is all it is it doesn't need to be babied. It's far from a fragile precision instrument, so there is no need to worry in my opinion. Just pick it up when you do and continue shaving.


Needs milk and a bidet!
I've never dropped my razor.

I have flung it in to the sink like a fastball though.

I believe it was a slim, vigorously shaking water off after a shave and it slipped out of my grip. The silo doors flew off and I stood there in shock. "what the heck just happened".

yeah, so..I don't do that anymore. I just towel dry.
Not yet, knock on puck:laugh:

That's a good one! I have yet to drop or throw mine, but I think about it every time I shave. I tend to be clumbsy anyway, so I need to be extra careful. It would really be a bad day if I were to damage my new ATT or Ikon or heck, any razor. I respect all my tools.
My PAA Phoenix DOC fell from a shelf in the shower. For a split second as it was falling, I wasn't sure if I should put my foot out to break the fall. I didn't, but luckily enough it was fine. No damage at all. I was lucky I was in the shower, because I think I peed a little. I've almost dropped my other razors a few times. I have a mini panic attack every time. I would hate to lose a razor because of my clumsiness.
Not yet. But I tend to favor lighter razors, and all I've been using the past several weeks is a Schick Krona and it has a very easy to hold onto handle.
I dropped my Dovo Bismark straight edge a little while back trying to catch my son that slipped off the chair he was standing on watching me shave. Needles to say I had to finish my shave with my Gillette New SC
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Get a grip....:thumbup1: get an Alum Bar...
The best thing I have been doing every pre shave is to run my finger tips over my Alum Bar.....think spider man....sticky.
Works great for holding on to any ceramic lather bowls, glass aftershave bottles, and razors.
One of the reasons that I asked the original question is I currently have soft linoleum in my bathrooms but will be renovating them this winter. I am leaning towards ceramic tile but obviously concerned about dropping razors on it. I am not sure if I am just lucky to have not dropped them yet or if I am due for a butter fingers catastrophe.

Even though I haven't dropped my razor, my go-to brush has more dents from the regular drops than a firing range backboard.
The handle on the Lord L6 isn't all that grippy so yes I dropped it quite a few times. It's a razor, 3 pieces of metal is all it is it doesn't need to be babied. It's far from a fragile precision instrument, so there is no need to worry in my opinion. Just pick it up when you do and continue shaving.
My Slim Adjustable slipped from a cabinet shelf to the bathroom floor a few months ago. Striking the floor rendered one of the TTO doors not parallel to the safety bar. I tried a few shaving strokes, then thought better of it. Tried bending the doors back, but no luck. Some of the pieces in the TTO mechanism are thin and subject to impact damage. Alas, prices for this razor have increased in the 5-6 years since I got it.

I then tried a Lord Smart Razor that I had tried and put away a few years ago. With practice since then and some adjustment to my technique for this razor, I'm liking the shaves I get with it better. So much so that I bought an
additional Lord L.125 (latest version of L6) for travel. With an L5 ("Tech") handle, it fits nicely in a a travel soap case.
Besides being simpler and less prone to damage, I like the glide of the chrome plating on these razors better than the nickel plating on the Gillettes.
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