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have you ever been to the Mountain of Arko aka Mount Arko? 👀

I'm from Bulgaria and the Arko sticks used to go for around 30-40 cents each and a pack of Polsilver SI for 20-25 cents. Sadly, they are gone from the mass market, but some say that they still appear from time to time here and there, but I can't find them locally as I used to in the past. Since Turkey is close, I can buy them directly or ask in one of the Facebook shaving groups when someone is going to Turkey to buy a few packs.
At least you got a way to source it

I'm trying to find some palmolive shaving sticks but they've been discontinued so hard to get tbh
Mount Arko can be a very dangerous place. Aspiring mountaineers must be properly equipped. You must take plenty of water, for example, and although only a fraction of the height of Everest, oxygen masks are essential. The slightest vibration can set off a deadly avalatheranche.

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Needs milk and a bidet!
Lol honestly I don't get why people are put off the smell?

I would imagine most people who don't like that lemme NY citrus smell probably wouldn't enjoy a shave at turkish barbers lol 🍋🍊

I haven't used it in so long I don't even recall what it smells like. I just know many folks don't like it. But also many folks do.
I do remember it being a fantastic soap though !
How would that get rid of the groundhog? Did it emerge from its burrow looking like a naked mole rat and slide away on the residual slickness?

It didn't really work. I was lazy. I should have shredded it, dissolved it in hot water and poured a bucket under the shed to flood the hole. I eventually attached wire netting to the bottom of the shed and sunk it 6+" down and a foot out. No more critters. The skunks, possums and groundhogs that took turns living there moved to my neighbors sheds. :thumbup1:


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
I don’t mind the wee mammals doing that with my shed. My neighbor shooting them on my shed from his porch without my permission and then lying to the police was a different matter… But now I know what to do if I need my guests gone and am happy it’s just strenuous labor and not the sacrifice of a majestic ARKO! shave stick. Thank you for the tip!
I know this sounds picky but it looks more like the Tower of Arko than a mountain of Arko. We need to be precise when expressing ourselves about Holy Arko.
If he ever gets bored of shaving with Arko, he can play Tower of Hanoi with the soap sticks.
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