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Has your fragrance collection gotten out of control?

I realized I was getting into the danger zone a while ago. I had bought my 5th or 6th bottle, so I swore off full size bottles and now I just have a bunch of 10 ml decants. Much cheaper, and I don't feel bad if I decide I don't like a particular scent later on.
This is the way to go. After 8 bottles I realised that it was too much money put on fragrances that take way too long to use. It gets quite boring when you smell always the same so decants are the way to go!
I invite those who have so many bottles to do some math and think about the better things they could have afforded with this kind "investment". Don't take me wrongly, everyone has the right to do whatever gives pleasure with his money. I realised that I can be happier with less bottles, more trips around my country and some money saved to buy a home.


The bst is a savior. Last year I sold a bunch that were not being used. Frees up room for more! Muahahaha

I have more than 30 bottles, but I've been able to afford every single one and I'm not in debt due to my hobby.

A few blind buys, but I'm not a blind buy thrill seeker. 90% of the time I buy a decant/sample before copping a bottle.



here are some items that aren't getting enough attention and included in the current PIF! (see General forum!)

frag pif sep 2020.jpg
I’m just getting started. Currently working my way through a few samples to find something I like. 2-3 bottles should be enough. I’ve finished off a few soaps to make room in the den. As you get older you need to make a bit more effort. A nice subtle frag is the finishing touch.

Luckily / unluckily there’s not much selection in Australia and you can’t get this stuff sent in. It kind of limits your options.
Under control. I’ve got 2 small bottles of aftershave; clubman bay rum and clubman vanilla. Then a montblanc cologne my sister bought for my Dad in Paris and a department store Polo, both of which I inherited.


Colognes and Edt's are actually one thing for me that's not out of control...yet. I have five or six. Currently no desire to purchase more.
Have 100 frags, give or take. I'll never be one of those guys with floor to ceiling glass display walls boasting shelves crammed with niche bottles, the sort of collection that would see a $100K loss if a thief ever strolled through. Over the years I've seen collections where people have ever single bottle and every single vintage of almost every mainstream niche and designer house, and it makes me wonder when they have the time to wear everything. I think if I hit 300 frags it would be official: I've gone too far. But right around 100 to 120, I'm not overly worried. I actually wear my frags, and at least a third of my collection is on its last dregs. I will admit, however, to owning 4 or 5 bottles of Halston Z14 from various periods of the last twenty years. Now THAT'S excessive!

Edit: realized after commenting that I already commented in this thread! Sorry for being repetitive! To add something new to the topic, I'll say that I've been branching into Lilac aftershaves and vintage barbershop stuff far more. I wouldn't be surprised if my barbershop "tonic" collection - whatever you want to call the aftershave/cologne category - did get out of control.
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