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Has this been your experience re: DE safety razors vs electric shavers?

Throw away any number of blade things tear my face up
braun worked but still not well the rotary felt horrid for me !

Also I resorted to the Miami Vice look most the time a bare hair trimmer just enough to leave that cool look that went away in my teens hahahaahhaah
but was also not so comfy as it would get itchy

for me the DE has truly been a game changer that I wish I found 40+ yrs ago
and while I had one early on I never understood it really or the soap and just used can goo got no better shave than the throw aways ?
Had a straight NO IDEA how to sharpen back then so yeah that was bad to hahahahah but no internet in those days and no desire care as I was a teen just wanting to shave and get out the door

fun memory of me at 7 or so every year getting a 3 pack of skin bracer for Xmas from my aunt and I can tell you my stuffed animals smelled so so good all the time as I used to have them do what my dad did when watching him would then splash it all over them
so wish I kept all those now or a set for memory sake whats funny is about the age I started to need or understand them they started sending me something else forgot what but was again like 15-20 yrs off the mark hahahahaha
I prefer mild razors like the Gillette Techs, the Henson mild, the Winning razor, and Game Changer .68p. I don't even particularly favor the sharpest blades. Astra plats, Gillette Silver Blues, Voskhod are frequently in use, no Feathers for me.
Now try not to be an old traditional shaving grouch, be objective.
I have a Panasonic Arc 5 electric shaver that I have used for months at a time. My experience is that the worst shave I have ever had from a DE safety razor was a closer, cleaner shave than I get from my top tier electric shaver.
I am trying to encourage myself to settle for an SAS or DFS instead of relentless pursuing a BBS, which frequently gets me nicks, cuts and irritation. Any DE safety razor shave is a good shave, IMO.
I love to poke the hornets' nest!
I’ll take my Braun over a mild razor- but it’s no contest over medium aggressive and up. I’ve had a Braun Series 7 for at least a decade and for some reason only tried the wet shave part with Cremo this year. Until I started reading forums the thought of using shaving Cremo with an electric never crossed my mind, but it’s a 100% game changer. Formerly, I primarily used the Braun for a first pass and edge trim on a few days growth before finishing up with a Mach 3. Until this year, I had only used it completely dry. I had tried it with water only and it didn’t make enough difference to try that again. Dry shave = socially acceptable. Use a little electric shave, it’s a pretty close shave. Shave in a hot shower, keeping your face slick with a tube of Cremo? DFS! The secret for me is dragging my index finger in front of the blades so I can feel any stubble as I go, and keeping my face slick, the blades rinsed. The TOTL Braun ”wet” shavers, when used as wet shavers, are surprisingly good once you learn them. I don’t know about other brands as I haven’t tried anything different since receiving this razor as a very thoughtful gift so long ago. I can get a much closer, smoother and zero irritation shave with the Braun than I can any very mild razor- it just takes a while to run it around on my face long enough to get there. IF it dies before I do, I’ll replace it. I’m still trying vintage razors and experimenting with blades, so once or twice a month when I rough myself up I LOVE having this option for a “recovery” shave. Great for travel when space is tight, too. Many vintage razors shave great, but not as great as newer, more aggressive razors. The opposite seems true with electrics- the Braun’s, although pricey, are with it IMO and a cheep electric is simply horrible- literalky feels like pulling the hairs out one by one


ancient grey sweatophile
In my twenties and thirties, my hair was black, and my beard was heavy. I tried the best electric available at the time. I found it superb, darned near perfect, except for three things. It left me starting my day with a five o'clock shadow. It irritated the daylights out of me as I tried hard for longer than a DE, SE, or SR shave. It was absolutely no fun.
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