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has anyone used the 7o'clock permasharp Green

I'm trying to find out a sort of ballparkopinion from those who have usedthe Gillette 7o'clock permasharp inthe green package how the compareto the 7o'clock green from Russia orAnd also what other well known bladewould you say it is kinda close to, I'mprobably going to get some to try, butI just always like to know what myfellow members @B&B think of a bladebased on their experience with itThank You So MuchKevin
I have used the Gillette Permasharp Stainless blade. I get a close shave with no events, and no irritation. They aren't my favorite blade but I get a good shave from them. To me they shave somewhat similar to an Astra SP. YMMV.

If one were to poll 100 people about their favorite 7 O'clock blade the distribution would probably be equal across the types. You should sample a slip to fine the ones you prefer.
Hi...thanks for the response.....I've tried all the 7o'clock....except this one which i'll. ...probably end up gettinga few of,, I just like to run it....past the folks here to see.....what the largest consensus is. ..
I'm a bit polarised when it comes to choosing razors and blades - the only blades I'm interested in need to be reasonably priced, sharp enough for 3 or 4 shaves per blade, depending on cost/100, smooth and comfortable to shave with.
Top of the list no matter how efficient or economical a blade is, if I don't enjoy shaving with it, I don't want it in my rotation. My pet hates are blades that deliver good results, but are either so harsh it feels like my face is being licked by a cat, or worse, so smooth I can't feel the blade cutting through the stubble, there's just no fun in that. I've got the same requirements when it comes to the razors that I use the blades in.
All of my blades have one more requirement - they need to be usable in any of my razors - I'll use a blade in a TTO one day, then a 3-Piece the next, then in a different TTO the next day, and if it's one of my best blades, I'll use it in a different 3-Piece on the final day before I toss the blade.

I haven't tried any of the Russian made 7 O'Clocks, but the Indian made 7 O'Clock Green is one of my favourite blades, it ticks every box that I've listed above.
I was blown away by how smooth and comfortable it felt to shave with, yet also sharp enough for 4 good shaves per blade, which is all I expect from any blade. They're reasonably priced too.
I tried the Indian 7 O'Clock Black for comparison and although they're not bad, I found them to be a bit harsh after the 3rd shave, for the price, I think the 7 O'Clock Green are the better blades and much better value.

Indian made 7 O'Clock Green blades will always be in my cool books - up there with Bic Chrome Platinum, Racer Super Class Platinum, Personna Platinum, German Wilkinson Sword and Zaza blades - all of which are smooth, comfortable and enjoyable to shave with, and sharp enough for 4 good shaves per blade.
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Thanks a lot AdamChur. ....Now I know it's safe to pickup. ..a few,, since you have run such. ...a Herculean qualification exam..heck I'm feeling better about trying. ..them already. ....
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