Has anyone used RestoredRazors.com for vintage DE Gillette adjustable restoration

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Doti B, Jan 10, 2019.

    I've been hearing good things about vintage DE razor refurbishment by RestoredRazors.com.
    My question is do any of you guys have any experience of using them ?
    If so what were shipping costs like and what was turnaround time ?
    Were you also happy with the restoration performed ?
    Interested in hearing any of your experiences
  1. From looking at their website, they are located in New Zealand, so turn around time and shipping costs could be an issue, especially if you are in the United States. Other than that, I can't speak to the service that they offer.

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  2. Dave moved from UK to NZ a few years ago. Used to operate in UK under 'Ontonon' or something similar. Did excellent work in UK and was, I believe, a mentor for Chris Evatt.

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  3. Dave does fantastic work. Most B&B members wanting restoration work done on their razors sent them to him in the UK prior to the emergence of Chris and Dave's move to NZ. I don't remember reading any complaints. Shipping to and from NZ tends to be quite quick, and Dave's order book is much less full than that of Chris because of his location, so the whole process might actually be faster. I can't speak of the cost of shipping to and from the US, since I'm based in the UK.
  4. ajkel64

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    Just a thought, since he is in New Zealand you might ask your question in the Great Southern Land forum. Someone over here may have used them for restoration of their razors. Just a thought.
  5. "Ontonoman" was it?

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  6. nemo

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    Dave is onotoman. Great work, he helped me when he was still in England.
  7. Don't suppose there are any contact details for this Chris Evett. Have aGillette Slim I want restored and just want to see which of the two will have the shortest turnaround time and offer value for money.
  8. Thanks I'll try that
  9. bobmsp

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    All the info for Chris is at razorplate.com
  10. Dave is a great guy who does great work,
    He did the 34' and 36' for me when he was in the UK.

  11. That's the one!

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