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Has anyone tried the B&M Reserve colognes?

Barrister and Mann Cool and Lavender fragrances were released recently. I'm wondering how they compare to the scent of the soaps and how long they last.
The two that were released are to test the market. If they're successful, more scents will come later.
I was just in the market for a lavender cologne and I like BM, so I went for it without ever smelling the soap or AS. At first, I was confused, because it doesn't smell like straight up Lavender. I love Pure Lavender from Chatillon Lux, and so I was expecting something maybe more like that or Lavender essential oils. That doesn't mean that I don't love it! The scent has really grown on me. So, I cannot attest to if the scent is spot on with soap and AS, but it is great and I'd say the staying power is medium. The first day I used it, I got whiffs throughout the day. Now, it seems to be gone after 4 hours.