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Has anyone looked at iKon razors lately?

I didn't know Stirling had more of the razors for sale. I almost bought one a few months ago when they said they were selling the last batch.
All they had was the Hyper Aggressive head. No stock on any others.
Even the ST is extremely aggressive. I don't generally like aggressive razors but, at least for now, I am keeping my Stirling ST. There is something about it that I really like.

For the record, I use it at a shallow angle. There is so much blade exposure that a step angle would require an extremely light touch.

Good luck with the HA head. I hope it turns out to be fantastic for you.
After shaving again this morning with the Stirling, this time with the ST base plate, I was thinking I might need to clarify my earlier comments from this week about blade chatter and this razor. I still find the blade to be pretty securely held between the top and bottom plates, but because there is a lot of blade exposure with both of these base plates, there is quite a bit of blade feel and at certain angles, that might translate to blade chatter as well. I am not sure where you draw the line between the two exactly (blade feel vs blade chatter), but it has an abundance of blade feel, which some might think is further into the "chatter zone" than others. I think it becomes more pronounced as the handle becomes more parallel to the face. Still another nice shave though. My personal poster boy razor for blade chatter is the 2011 R41, and the 2011 is just a noisy thing from which you can sort of feel the blade flex. The Stirling sounds and feels different from this to me. My $.02.
Thanks James. I have one on order.
I have shaved with this razor twice. It is the hyper aggressive head. It's a beautiful razor aesthetically. I have used it once with Personna Lab Blue's and once with a Feather. There a difference between aggressive and efficient. This razor is "hyper aggressive". There is a ton of blade feel and noise. Is it efficient? I don't think so. I get a much smoother shave with both my Lupo 95 OC and the R41. I'd even go so far as to say that my GC JAWS .84 is smoother and more efficient. I'd go so far as to say that this morning's shave is the worst I've had in recent memory. I even reached for my alum block to soothe the face.
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