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Has anyone gotten a shave at the AOS in Schaumburg, IL?

For Valentines Day, my wife got me a gift card at the Art of Shaving with the intent of me getting a shave there, knowing that I have been interested in having one and that I would never do it on my own due to the cost. (She's a keeper for sure!)

Has anyone had the "Royal shave" at Woodfield? From the description it sounds good, but I have read what seem to be hit or miss reviews of the AOS barber spa here so I figured I would ask if anyone has had any experience with this store.

Thanks in advance.
My wife got me the AoS gift card, thinking I was gonna get a shave. The barber was booked so I bought a brush and a tube of Sandlewood cream. That was the beginning...
The short answer is no but I have spent time there and the young man and young lady were most helpful. It is important to have an appointment and there are several other shops very close by that also have shave stuff although limited - C&E for example and another that doesn't come to mind.
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