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Has Anyone Bought a Kimson Shave Brush in the Last Few Years?

Kimson is a Vietnamese manufacturer who specializes in horn (White or Black Water Buffalo horn) The last posts I have seen on B&B, dates back to 2010-2011. I'm considering ordering one of their black horn brushes inlaid with Abalone shell.

I was wondering if anyone has purchased one of their shave brushes and what they think of the handle and the knot they supply? Also, where did you order it from, eBay, Kimsoncraft.com or handicraft-vn.com? Also, if you do own one could you post some pictures, please.
Those are some nice looking handles!

I agree, very, unique look. I ordered the hexagon handle, the grain pattern on the Abalone shell is stunning. Who would have thought by polishing the outside side of the shell one would get such a vivid color pattern.
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I ordered a 24mm silvertip knot. As for pictures will take a few months, 3 to 4. It's going to take two months before they can process my order and then another month or two for shipping and customs delays. I'm assuming it will sit in customs for a month.
That's the hope of all brushes when buying from a store one has never dealt with. I have a couple of brushes that disappointed and a couple that turned out to be rock stars. Henri et victoria's Luxurious Shave brush which turned out to have a 22mm High Mountain White Badge knot... omg the tips are so soft.
Oohhh. How about a pic of that brush?

The first picture is my two biggest disappointments. The first brush I was not surprised about (Chinese crap) as I bought it just for the handle (kool factor...lol), the second brush was a surprise to me thinking an omega would use a better quality synthetic knot. Both of these knot have way and I mean way to much back bone. Both brushes DO NOT splay well.

The second picture is two of the best knots I have to date. The first is my Vei-long horsehair brush which I love and the second is the best knot I currently have. The brush is from Henri et Victoria called "Luxurious" and has a 22mm High Mountain White Badger fan knot. Omg, the tips are so soft, and the knot splays perfectly. This brush may have some serious competition as I have an Elite Razor brush with the fabled Manchurian White 24mm two-band badger fan knot on order. I heard that some people have considered the Manchurian Knot the absolute best one can buy (third picture).
Update, KimSon brush fell through. I didn't feel comfortable waiting more than two months. The good news is they refunded my purchase with no hassle at all. I might try later when they are not so busy.
I ordered a few some years ago. The knots were great but the handles were very hit and miss and not the ones I saw in the pictures on the website. I ordered black handles but didn’t get any black handles. They only refunded the difference in price even though I didn’t get the product I ordered.
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