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Has anybody ever heard of the Personna Store?

I have been looking locally for some GEM single edge blades with no luck. The place I purchased from before no longer sells them. I was searching the internet, and I came across this:


Has anybody ever heard or ordered from this site? If you go to personna.com this is where it takes you. It says free shipping, AND, they're cheaper than what I was getting them for locally. Any help would be appreciated.
Yep, that's there site. I haven't ordered from them yet but others here have and recommended them as an alternative source when WalMart stopped carrying Personna products.
I've ordered from there, no problems and free shipping.

I actually am ok with the chrome blades :001_tongu
I've ordered from alice.com before - no problems. You might also look at http://hocks.com/ and the group buy

Thanks for everybody helping to put me at ease on the site. mblakele, for the group buy, do you know if they are the same blades showing on this website? I've looked at the other threads, but it isn't exactly easy to pinpoint which/what type of GEMs you're getting. My only concern is getting industrial blades that are not actually meant for shaving. Thanks.
That's my understanding - Personna coated stainless-steel SE blades, as sold by Ted Pella. However you should ask brianw, who is shepherding the group buy, if you want to be certain.
Can you order the medical prep blades on this site? I went to it but it did not give me a price for the medical prep blades.
Can you order the medical prep blades on this site? I went to it but it did not give me a price for the medical prep blades.

No, they will not sell you the medical prep blades. I attempted this a while back and offered to purchase them in a lot of 2,000 plus blades. They only sell the medical prep blades to hospital and medical supply companies some of whom will sell them to the general public.
In the meantime, Walgreens sells Gem blades, around $5-$6 for 10. Don't know if you have Food Lion grocery stores up your way, but I noticed a 5-pack of Pal Supers at my local Food Lion tonight for $3.50.
I just ordered from them a couple of days ago, I bought three packages of DE blades. A message popped up saying that in the future I am supposed to buy at least six items but since I was a first-time customer they would let me make my purchase anyway. I like the free shipping idea, but I don't think that will last long considering that their minimum purchase of six packages of DE blades (or mix and match) at $1.99 each won't be profitable (shipping alone is about $5 using Priority Mail flat-rate boxes, leaving $7 to make the product and a profit). If Alice turns out to be reputable I will gladly order six packages in the future.
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