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Hart Steel 7/8 headed my way - what to expect?

I have owned several vintage straights but never a Hart Steel. Got a 7/8 round point headed my way ... What should I expect with this beauty?
A great big utilitarian shaver. I don't think there's anything "fancy" about these Hart razors. They just shave whiskers like they're meant to. Congrats on the acquisition. Enjoy!
You can also expect jcreyes_usn to be jealous. I've been setting some cash aside lately trying to acquire one of those beauties.
I have three Hart Steel razors and find them to be fantastic shavers and I like the look of their razors as well. Form follows function. Keep an eye out during the holidays. They release limited edition razors this time of year that can be gorgeous!
I've recently gotten a 7/8 square point. It's a beast. Big, big, big, and heavy. It's still usable, but an order of magnitude larger was my first reaction, due to tang size and width. I had to clean up the hone as well. But this thing knocks down whiskers very, very well.
Did you buy it new?

I had a first generation Hart Steel (you can identify them by the absence of jimps) and to be frank, getting a keen edge on it was impossible. I ultimately got rid of it. Ergonomics were awesome, Made in the US was a huge bonus, and yes.. big and heavy!

If you got anything other than the Gen I, expect it to be awesome!!
I have a 7/8 Hart and love it! Fantastic heavy blade with a thick grind. Takes a phenomenal edge and holds it for ages
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