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Harris Goar razor?

I have an old straight handed down in my family but unsure of which family member originally owned it (believe my step-great grandpa).
It is marked Harris Goar Mfg Co Kansas City Mo. and the box has the same and a price of $3.00.
Handles are black celluloid or plastic material and the blade has pitting and a major chip in the very end of the blade.

I am considering cutting the blade down an inch or so so its past the chip and trying to get the rust out of it and giving it a spin.

Is a Harris Goar worth the effort and does anyone know the time period they were sold?
Thanks for any info.
I've never heard of it, but then again I haven't heard of a lot of razors. I would say whether it's worth the effort or not has less to do with the brand and more to do with the sentimental value of being able to bring the heirloom back into a useful state.
Here is a snapshot of it

That actually looks like it's in pretty good shape... unless you already cut the tip off, I can't see anything from that picture that couldn't just be honed through. There's a lot of life left in that blade if it's taken care of well.

From a quick google search, it looks like Harris-Goar was the manufacturer of their own blades. Given the quality of the other razors that came out of St. Louis & Kansas City around that time, it's probably a great shaver.
That actually looks like it's in pretty good shape... unless you already cut the tip off,

I did cut it off, it was a HORRIBLE chip.
I did the cut carefully with a blade so as not to get the metal too hot and then I buffed it smooth on the end. Looks much better this way with the chip gone. My uncle tells me he believes this was my G-Grandfathers razor but my G-Grandfather died during the Great Flu Pandemic after WWI so I dunno if the razor is old enough to have been his or not.
I have one of these razors. The blade says extra hollow ground in old west script.ity also says fully warranted. But otyher than that I don't know much more abouty it any info would be helpful.
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