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Harris' Arlington line?

I was wondering what the Arlington line smells like. Just something simple, I don't need a breakdown of each little nuance of it. It's not a floral type scent is it? Not a big fan of the floral scents myself. Thanks for any help.

Hi Jordan,
I would describe it as lime-ish. The top note is definately lime but it's understated like GFT rather than powerful like Castle Forbes.

There are a couple of other, less prevalent notes in the middle that give it the unique scent it has. This is advertised as bergamot and fern. I don't know if that is 100% accurate but it is a "green" scent of some kind. Personally I think there is another citrus scent in there somewhere too, maybe mandarin.

The dry down is powdery. Not really baby powder but similar, and it fades quickly. I think the cream smells different than the A/S milk. I get more of the lime note from the A/S milk and more of the middle "green" note from the cream. I prefer the A/S myself. I use it with GFT limes instead of the arlington cream.
Jeff described it pretty well. Harris calls it "citrus and fern" or somesuch, and that is a good descriptor as well.
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