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Hardware or software?

I'm curious about the preferences of our fellow B&B-ers. I consider myself a 'hardware' guy - it's all about the razors, those beautiful mechanical masterpiece works of manly art. Whether a perfectly functioning 100-year old single edge or a pristine Adjustable from the 60s, or some other metallic wonder, I can't get enough of them and scour the antique stores for them constantly.

AND I'm perfectly happy with a puck of Williams or VDH.

Others seem to wax poetic about the relative joys of various creams and soaps, stockpiling beyond reason until they have amassed many lifetimes' worth of scented products.

Tell me, which side are you on? Hardware or software?
Software was more of an interest for me as a newbie. The essential products like Proraso, Speick and Tabac were pretty much on my list along with some colognes and aftershaves.

Now years into it I appreciate hardware a lot more because of it's function and being a collectible. Software catches my eyes only if it's a hard to find item and is a luxury piece.
Software, specifically higher end creams. Razors and blades used are down to 2 and I haven't looked at a razor on ebay in 8-10 months.
I'm personally a software guy, 10,000 + blades, gallons of aftershave, probably a hundred soaps. I know I'll never use all the stuff I'm just glad it's there. As far as hardware goes I'd say brushes are my weakness but there are many people with far more of them than me.:thumbup1:
I like it all! I've got a few razors in my regular rotation and I'm looking to add more. I use a different cream or soap with a matching AS every day as well. Next up is a new brush or 3 as I've only got one.
Put me down as a software guy. I have not had much luck with DE's and only am still trying to get them down, because I see my prefered razor (Schick slim twin disposable) being discontinued one day. I can get a DFS or better with better quality creams/soaps with this razor, 99% of the time. If I take the Schick and try canned goo, I get the usual, crappy results.

I am of the opinion that a newbie should start with a decent brush, and a decent or better cream and go from there. Gives the biggest bang for the buck, IMHO.

Used to be primarily hardware, but now that I found the razors and blades that work for me that phase is pretty much done. I will, however, be looking at brushes in the future to replace the one I have been using for the last few years.

My interest now is pretty much software, but even that has really slowed down as I have discovered the ones I am satisfied with. Sure, I will continue to look at higher-end soaps and creams, but nowhere to the extent I did when first starting out.


When I first started, it was hardware. I quickly learned that there was a lot of beauty, strength, and function in vintage razors. I love finding them in "the wild" (antique stores). I have quite a collection going and still have more to acquire.

But now that I've been doing this a while, my desires have shifted to software as I search to find just the right soap. But I thik my SSAD is temporary. I don't forsee amassing huge stockpiles of soap. And I don't have a desire to try everything, just a few of the big ones.

But, I do believe my RAD is forever!
Software at the moment. I'm still using the Merkur 38C I started out with and just upgraded from my Tweezerman brush to a Duke 3, I'm now starting to explore different soaps and aftershaves.
Hardware for me. I have to order everything and because I live in Canada it can cost a lot to get products.
I have to save up in order to be able to stock up.
I can get Proraso and the Real shave co. here.
Both good products.
I have 2 antique stores and i've been through them many times.
I just do love the mechanics of the Gillette DE's
Hardware. The variety of safety razors is just fascinating to me. I've got several which shave well enough to be "only" razors, but looking for the best shave hasn't been the point for a while now. I have a pretty large selection of brushes, too, but they aren't quite as much fun, and I can't see buying any more until a couple of them wear out.

Although I have a pretty big selection of soaps and creams, too, and still haven't tried a few of them, I have no interest in acquiring more, and probably won't buy any more until I'm close to running out. Concoctions just don't have the inherent neatness factor of gadgets. For me, obviously.

No interest at all in preshaves, aftershaves, or colognes. I own a couple of aftershaves, but never use them.
Software for me. I'm very happy with my Cobra Classic and the Feather Professional blades, and my brush rotation has settled down to 3 or 4; so the variety in life revolves around shaving soaps, EdTs and AS.
At present, I am a software guy. I have a few different DE's (5) and an Injector L. I have 6 creams at present. So right now it's about even but I think I am much more likely to buy creams or A/S than I am a razor unless I think I will use it regularly.
Started off as a hardware guy - but now am down to four brushes and four razors. However, I love to try out more and more soaps and creams. I find it incredible that the software can make such a difference in the quality of the shave.
I'm a one razor girl, so software! But most of mine is meant to pamper because I love my Col. Conk Lime for shaving. I don't stockpile beyond reason because, for the most part, I normally get the trial sized versions of my soaps so that I can switch to a new smell when I want.
I gotta say... I'm a software guy. I love the scents of the creams and soaps. I got one straight and one brush and they work well for me... don't need any more.

I might pick up another straight and maybe a DE... but I think my buying syndrome is definitely on the creams and soaps.
I'm throwing in with the software guys even though my collection is relatively meager. Having one set of good tools for the job is where I'm at, with my Progress long-handle, Feather blades and Penworks silvertip brush.

My soaps are mostly based on a combination of scent and function. Obviously, the MWF is not huge on the scent angle, but it feels REEEEEEEELLLLL good. ;) Right now, though, the Coates is getting most of the play in the list since I <3 me some tea tree and always have. Call me strange if you must, but I like the smell of plain tea tree and plain witch hazel just as much as I like my colognes. Each has it's own role to play.
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