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FS Hardship Sale - Brushes and Soaps!

For sale today are some of my less used brushes and all BNIB soaps/creams.

PayPal or Venmo.

I'm a long time member, having a hardship now and need some funds. 2020 just keeps on giving.

Please add $5 for US50 States shipping.

1st photo from left to right:

Paladin Moe 26mm x 48mm paid $165 asking $135

Brett Mozingo Declaration B3 'Smoke on the Water' paid $200 asking $150

Paladin Amphora Legacy Series in Tiger stripe paid $175 asking $150

Shavemac 386 handle Brown Beige D01 Fan 24mm x 50mm
Paid $159. Asking $130

Jeff Huck with Shavemac 2-band Silvertip I installed 24mm x 48mm paid $200 asking $140

Original M&F Sabini Silver and Clear 2-band Finest Style 1 Size 3 paid $200 asking $140

Original M&F Sabini L7 22mm x 44mm paid $150 asking $120

That Darn Rob, TDR, Original old Logo with 26mm x 52mm Maggards SHD, paid $149, asking $119

High-end Soaps / Creams

Penhaligon Endymion Cream Tube, paid full retail @$65, asking $38.

Creed Aventus soap refill paid $65 asking $45

Nuavia Verde in matching crock 95% scooped paid $60, asking $50.

Nuavia Rossa New Smaller Pot, paid $50, asking $40.

JF Floris "JF" brand new in wood bowl, paid $90, asking $45

Saponificio Varesino Cubebe in Aluminum Tin paid $45 asking $35

Penhaligon Bayolea in wood bowl paid $65, asking $45

I also have a Merkur Futur Adjustable in polished Chrome. I can send a picture to you if interested. I've owned it for so long I can't remember what I paid, but it was around $80, asking $45. Comes with some nice Wizamet Blades.

PM with questions or if my prices are out of whack for a best offer.


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