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Happy Thanksgiving/Anniversary

Rudy Vey

I want to wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving!!
May you have a peaceful day with your loved ones...
....and do not eat too much!!

On another note, early next year I celebrate my 10 year anniversary of making brushes and being a member on Badger and Blade.
I like to offer a special brush and would like your input in what would be a good choice for this.
Email me or post here.


Happy Thanksgiving, Rudy.

Glad you are a member of B&B. We all appreciate your contributions to B&B and all of the great brushes you have made. I participated in every LE brushes you have made and love them all. Whatever you come up with will be a beauty.


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Happy Thanks Giving and congrats on 10 great years of brush making.
My RV custom is my go-to brush. I love it!
Congrats Rudy! I love the brush you made, it’s hands down my favorite. I really like the Persian Jar shape if you’re looking for a shape for your special offering. I hope I get a chance to get one.
I have been enjoying the group buy brush you made this year in jade resin and horn with a Shavemac 2 band fan. Wonderful brush. I particularly like the combination of natural material and synthetic resin. I was actually surprised at how well the combination turned out. It is just such a pleasure to use.

OTOH, I have avoided jumping in on the latest group buy as I just don't like the aesthetics of plain white with faux horn.

So if I had to voice a preference, I would request a brush handle with some color and a combination of natural and artificial materials.


Happy anniversary. Really enjoying this year's group buy and already signed on for next year.


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Happy Anniversary! Go Eyptian with a Tut!

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