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Happy New Year present to celebrate non-sabbatical Rooney Heritage Stubby -1 / 3-band

Ordered Rooney Heritage Stubby 1- 3-band While they're on sale at theHandlebarsupply.com. I've yet to use one of these elusive creatures, figured this was a good time to order. Looking forward to giving it a shot. Huge sale going on for their brushes- worth a look. Review to follow once received and used.


I have to give this thread a bump. I've only used the brush 3-4 times, but this brush is small, first of all and I didn't think it would work for me when I unwrapped it. But the feel right out of the box was soft, maybe one of the softest brushes I've encountered. My 24mm silvertip Whipped Dog got lots and lots of use(not near enough lately) and it is also incredibly soft. This Rooney Heritage brush felt at least that soft before even hitting any water. Now when I decoded to use this brush and give it a shot, man- what an excellent performer. I test-lathered it 2 times before using it. I decided to use it with a product that is neither super-easy to lather, nor super-difficult to lather. I went with the new RazoRock/Captain's Choice Soap and Captain's lather bowl.

I soaked the brush while showing, then dumped the water out of the bowl, but kept the water in the brush, per the instructions on the Captain's site. I hit the puck for maybe 45 seconds and had a fantastic lather built. This brush is a great size for the Captain's lather bowl. This brush was so incredibly soft from the get-go, definitely not floppy at all. But you might think no backbone, but there seems to be plenty of backbone for face-lathering. Zero scritch at all. I can't wait for this brush to get broken in and see how it performs then. I will continue this thread and keep my ongoing review updated as this brush breaks in. I'll also include some pics the next time. I use it. I now understand the reputation of these brushes and the Heritage Silvertip chatter that is on this board.

-Let me also include- I ordered is while on sale at Thehandlebarsupply.com and had very quick shipping and excellent service. I also picked up a couple of Feather blade banks- which I recommend as well. They take up very little space and nice to look at woth the Feather logo. Highly recommended.
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