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Happy Birthday rschul2!!

Happy Birthday Randy, here's to hoping you get a cornucopia of shaving goodies, and that your shave today is super smooth and irritation free.

Now it's time for the ubiquitous badger birthday dance! :badger:

Happy Birthday Randy!

Just don't attempt the ubiquitous badger birthday dance :badger: while shaving. :biggrin:
Thanks for the wishes! I did have a smooth irritation free shave this morning. As a matter of fact, I worked the cream for at least 3 minutes before even putting it on my face. While the cream was somewhat cooler than the usual hot cream, I was rewarded with some of the most luxurious cream I have ever shaved with....not too watery and not too thick....just right.
Here's to hoping everyone has a day as good as I've had so far. Now if I could just make that new Edwin Jagger razor get here a little quicker.:smile:
Haha! No sooner than I posted earlier and Mr. UPS dropped me off an EJ razor and some Dr. Harris Arlington Shave Soap:biggrin: . Will definitely have to try first thing tomorrow.
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