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Happy Birthday Ouch!!

Happy Birthday...just think...a shave from a beautiul woman in 7 inch heels...and we are wishing YOU a Happy Birthday? That's sounds like a done deal!

Happy birthday Ouch,

my wishes flying over the ocean...

Have some drinks :a26: :a54:

Cheers!! From Germany

Happy Birthday Ouch.

We totally understand you're not coming up for air on the net today.

(But don't forget to post the SOTD pictures tomorrow :thumbup: )

:devil: :ihih: :a14: :a39:


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
Thanks, guys. I'm speechless.
It's only a number, and it's only a round number in base 10. Other than that, I've got a wife keeping me young and a daughter making me old, so it sort of balances out.

And to my many friends and family who swore that my wife would put me in the grave before I hit fifty, sorry to disappoint.:tongue:
A little late but Happy-happy!

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The wife's investment
As long as this thread has been revived, I will add my belated birthday wishes as well.

Happy Birthday! :a50::happybday::a5:
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