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Happy Birthday Guenron!!

Happy Birthday Ron, here's to hoping you get a cornucopia of shaving goodies, and that your shave today is super smooth and irritation free.

Now it's time for the ubiquitous badger birthday dance! :badger:

Happy Birthday Ron! You are HOW OLD? :yikes:

I'll have the band play that old country classic..."You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma"!

Gotta blame someone! :biggrin:

Ron, I hope you have a very Happy Birthday and get all the shaving stuff you didn't otherwise have.

Happy Birthday RON!

I would say I hope you get some shaving goodies, but you already own everything in the universe. Happy Birthday anyway! :wink:
Hey Art, do you work for the Midlothian CIA??:w00t:
What a difference 25 years makes...
Et tu Artus? Gasp...

Thanks to all of you! You facilitated the transition from middle age to ... and made it a more pleasant event.
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