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Happy Birthday english barber

Hi all,

Thank you for your wishes. Although I have now reached an age when I quickly forget how old I am!

Charlotte and I took our children to the Avoncroft museum of historic buildings south of Birmingham today, http://www.avoncroft.org.uk/index.asp. The weather was not brilliant, but we had a great time all the same. Mind you Charnham House dates from 1520, so is as old as most of the exhibits.

Andrew and Judy French are on vacation in Portugal at the moment, but I will keep trying to persaude them to do more CF shaving events.

Regards, Robert
Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the Day!
As your age advances you too may qualify as a national historic monument!:001_smile

Happy Birthday! And help yourself to any goodies in your shop. It's on me. Just send the bill to Ron. He'll never notice the difference!

Happy Birthday Robert! I recieved a birthday wish from the forums that I would like to pass on to you... it is too good to keep to myself...

May all of your oils be essential... :001_smile

Sue (Mama Bear)
Happy Birthday mr Johnston!
Treat yourself with a royal shave using the Simpsons Polo #14 in super:biggrin:

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